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Real-Time Visibility Through Driver's phone

Unlike traditional methods that check drivers locations every 15-20 minutes, we track them in real-time. In logistics, every minute counts, especially when dealing with delayed shipments.

With our tracking system, you get accesss, to a comprehensive overview of your freight's real-time status, including its current location, ETA, load status, distance to destinations, and current speed, all conveniently displayed on a Google Map.

Our advanced technology ensures you know your freight's location every second. Stay in the loop, stay in control.

Precise Location

Precise location tracking plays a pivotal role in verifying whether a driver has checked in at the correct dock and warehouse. It provides the exact check-in and check-out times, which are crucial when managing appointments and detention.

BOL, POD, and freight pictures are available for download as soon as the driver uploads them to the app. This not only saves valuable time but also minimizes the need for frequent communication with drivers.

AI Powered Two-Way Translation Chat

Language barriers can cause delays and misunderstandings. Our AI-powered two-way translation chat seamlessly translates messages in real-time, ensuring clear exchanges and speeding up communication.

This reduces miscommunication, enhances operational efficiency, and leads to timely deliveries and satisfied clients. It also fosters trust and collaboration, improving relationships between brokers and drivers. With an intuitive, user-friendly interface, our AI chat adapts to various languages and dialects, offering a scalable solution for global logistics.

Automated E-mail Location Updates

Enhance customer service by sending automatic location updates every half hour, hour, two hours, or four hours. This feature operates effortlessly, allowing you to allocate resources to other aspects of your business.

This ensures that your customers stay informed about the real-time location of their cargo without requiring manual intervention. By implementing this automated system, you can provide a more efficient and proactive service to your customers.

API Integration

Integrate Load Market Tracking with your existing TMS platform or website through our API.

Currently undergoing integration with Port TMS.

Track Shipments From Your Computer, Tablet or Phone

With a mobile-friendly tracking system, you can monitor your shipments on the go from anywhere in the world.

You can be confident that your shipments are on schedule and will reach their destination on time, even if you're out of the office. Our user-friendly mobile tracking system is easy to navigate. Simply log in to our website from your computer, tablet, or cell phone to enjoy full functionality.

Brand Your Company via Email Updates and Share Tracking Link

Elevate your trucking company's image with our tailored email updates, where you can showcase your logo, company description, service offerings, and contact information.

By integrating these details into share tracking links, you present a professional and cohesive brand image to your audience. These personalized communications not only engage recipients but also enhance your brand's credibility and visibility in the industry.

Tracking History and Reports

Tracking report will give you a complete overview of the driver's accurate performance, and it can now be downloaded in PDF.

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  • 10 tracking requests
  • Unlimited sub-users
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$49 /month

Best for fleets up to 10 units, or
individual broker agents.

  • 100 tracking requests
  • Unlimited sub-users
  • Email support
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$129 /month

Best for small broker organizations, or carriers with fleet up to 30 trucks.

  • 300 tracking requests
  • Unlimited sub-users
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$399 /month

Best for mid sized broker companies, or carriers with fleet up to 100 units.

  • 1,000 tracking requests
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$729 /month

Best for large broker companies, or carriers with fleet up to 200 trucks.

  • 2,000 tracking requests
  • Unlimited sub-users
  • Email support
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You have the flexibility to upgrade or downgrade your monthly plan at any time.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does Load Market Tracking work?

It takes 5 clicks only to start tracking your freight via driver's smarthphone.

Click the "+ New Tracking" button, enter the driver's phone number, and a load REF#. Choose for how long you would like to track the freight and the driver will receive a text message with the link and a push notification to accept it. Installation is very simple and it only takes 1-2 minutes. The driver's location will be shown as soon as the tracking request gets accepted. If tracking is not activated after 10 min, we'll send 2 more text reminders.

Is there a charge for drivers to download and use the Load Market Tracking mobile app?

There is NO cost to download and use our mobile app. Load Market Tracking App is FREE of charge for drivers and available for iOS and Android users.

How long does one tracking request last?

You choose the duration of each tracking request, and the available options are between 1 and 5 days.

Can I upgrade and downgrade my subscription plan?

Changes to a subscription such as upgrading or downgrading can result in prorated charges. If you downgrade, the new plan will take effect when your next payment is due. If you upgrade, you will only need to pay the prorated amount difference between your previous and new plan.
You can check the status of your account at any time in the Billing Portal.

Can I use the software on my cell phone or tablet?

The Load Market Platform was designed to run in your device's web browser. This means that the platform will be accessible to you at regardless of your location, or if you're using computer, tablet or cell phone. Please note that the device that you are using requires an active internet connecion.

Can I have access to my tracking request history?

Yes, you can have access to your tracking request history at any time and it is available for the last 30 days.

Can I dispatch my driver through Load Market Tracking?

Yes. The drivers are able to see the pickup and delivery address in the Load Market Tracking app. It takes 1 click only on the address and the driver will get directions on Google Maps.


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